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Version 3.1-Published 1/8/14

Based on all the great feedback, we have added:
- Delete team
- Delete game
- Delete season

Also, we added retina graphics for all of the buttons and fixed some minor bugs.

Version 3.0-Published 1/8/13

- Summary statistics for opponent's team 
- Integration with Twitter to share game scores and summary stats 
- Error checking when saving games 
- Start up hints to guide users to load players, save teams, and save games (people were losing data by not saving) 

- App crash when email was not set up on iPad

Version 2.2-Published 6/21/12

Support for Turnovers.  Based on your requests, we have added this as an optional stat.


Version 2.1-Published 3/26/12

We added support for up to 15 players. This was one of our most requested features.

Version 2.0.1-Published 2/9/12

We fixed some bugs related to stat totals in the emails.

Version 2.0-Published 1/30/12


Based on user feedback, we added the ability to save games and load them later in the new "Manage Games" area. You can create seasons, and save each game as part of one of the seasons you have created.

We also enhanced the ability to save multiple teams with a new "Manage Teams" area. As part of this new area, it is easier to add a new team via the "New Team" button.

We also changed the Correction Mode so that you can toggle between "Add Stats" mode (normal game mode) and "Subtract Stats" mode (correction mode) and easily tell which you are in.

Version 1.1-Published 1/4/12


Based on user feedback, we have added the ability to save and load multiple teams. You can now save as many teams as you like and update teams you have previously saved.

We also have enhanced the interface for saving and loading teams.

Version 1.0-Published 12/22/11

Capture Basketball Stats at Game Speed!

Hoop Stats is the easiest way to capture your team's box score while the game is happening. Once you are set up, just tap the box score to update it as each event happens. When the game ends, simply email the box score to your team.

To set up, enter your team and save it for future games. Configure your team's jersey colors. You can choose which stats to track.

If you make a mistake, simply use the "minus one" button to correct stats.

You can edit and delete a player at any time.

Your team will love having their detailed, individual stats. You can use it to help them focus on the best areas to improve.

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